Ict And Statistics Unit

The main duties of the ICT and Statistics unit are:

  1. Maintain and troubleshoot all network and computer related issues;
  2. Integrate security, physical control solutions for all confidential data and systems;
  3. Monitor performance and manage parameters to provide fast responses to front-end users;
  4. Integrate and configure computer networking for best performance;
  5. Troubleshoot and repair of hardware, operating systems and applications;
  6. Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks;
  7. Identify security gaps and provide relevant solutions in consultation with the Operations manager;
  8. Network security monitoring
  9. Test and evaluate all new technology including M&E systems e.g. database systems, websites etc.;
  10. Conduct electrical safety checks on computer equipment;
  11. Enhance office IT system through appropriate upgrades and advise Operations Unit on changes or improvements required;
  12. Help install and support of all ICT hardware and software;
  13. Technical support, development and management of communication services such as fixed and wireless data networks, telephone systems, voicemail, and high speed access to the internet;
  14. Technical, support, development and management of collaboration facilities such as email, calendaring, instant messaging and document sharing;
  15. Manage data acquisition trials
  16. Assessing statistical results and analyse trends
  17. Applying statistical methodology to complex data
  18. Manage and implementing data gathering/management computer systems and software
  19. Using statistics to make forecasts and to provide projected figures and
  20. Present information in a variety of formats and conveying complex information to people who may not be specialists