International Projects

SNo. ProjectCode Project Title Objective(s)
1 INT2013 Supporting nuclear power infrastructure capacity building in Member States introducing and expanding nuclear power To enhance and harmonize capabilities on nuclear power introduction in newcomer countries
2 INT5154 Improving Food Safety through the Creation of an Interregional Network that Produces Reliable Scientific Data Using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques To contribute to improved food safety and enhanced international trade of foodstuff by establishing an interregional partnership of food safety institutions that produce scientific, reliable data through nuclear and isotopic techniques.
3  INT9175 Promoting safe and efficient clean-up of radioactively contaminated facilities and sites. To provide support and assistance for the efficient clean-up of radioactive contaminated facilities and sites.
4 INT9176 Strengthening Cradle-to-Grave Control of Radioactive Sources in the Mediterranean Region To ensure an adequate and permanent control over radioactive sources at State level, benefiting from the use of a harmonized regional approach consistent with IAEA safety standards and other international best practice.
5 INT5153 Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and its Effects on Soil and Water Resources on Polar and Mountainous Regions To improve understanding of the impact of climate change on fragile polar and mountainous ecosystems at the local and global scale for enhanced agricultural water and soil management.
6 INT5155 Sharing Knowledge on the Use of the Sterile Insect and Related Techniques for Integrated Area-Wide Management of Insect Pests To share expertise and build capacity in control strategies against dengue and malaria vectors, to reduce the impact on human health and help Member States
7 INT6058 Contributing to the Evidence Base to Improve Stunting Reduction Programmes To contribute to the reduction of stunting in children under five years of age.
8 INT2019 Deploying Technology and Management of Sustainable Uranium Extraction Projects To implement an effective uranium extraction strategy to meet fuel needs for nuclear power generation.