National Projects

SNo Projectcode Project Title Objective(s)
1 URT5027 Improving Livestock Production and Productivity through Sustainable Application of Nuclear and Related Techniques To improve livestock production and productivity in the United Republic of Tanzania through sustainable application of various nuclear and nuclear related techniques.
2 URT5029 Improving Rice and Barley Production through the Application of Mutation Breeding with Marker Assisted Selection To improve rice and barley productivity and production in the URT through peaceful application of nuclear and biotechnological techniques and to contribute to improved food security and poverty reduction.
3 URT6028 Strengthening the Cancer Control Programme To integrate cancer treatment into the existing healthcare delivery system, and to expand the existing facilities in the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI) and the Bugando Medical Centre (BMC)
4 URT6029 Magnitude and Risk actors for Obesity among School Children in Tanzania: A description of a growing epidemic To contribute to prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Tanzania.
5 URT9006 Assessing Environmental Impacts and Radioactivity Levels Surrounding Uranium Mining Sites To predict, assess, and mitigate environmental impacts on the communities surrounding the proposed uranium mining sites.
6 URT5033 Establishing the Feasibility of an Irradiator Facility To conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of an irradiation facility in Tanzania.
7 URT5032 Developing Maize Cultivars for Improved Yield and Resistance to Viral Disease To develop disease resistant maize varieties.
8 URT5031 Improving Indigenous Cattle Breeds through Enhanced Artificial Insemination Service Delivery in Coastal Areas To improve the productivity of indigenous cattle through enhanced artificial insemination (AI) services delivery in coastal areas of Tanzania
9 URT5030 Improving Rice and Barley Production through Application Marker Assisted Selection To develop rice varieties with resistance to RYMV and rice blast and barley with resistance to net blotch.