Radio-analytical Training Course at TAEC Laboratories in Arusha, Tanzania, 24 Feb -15 May 2020.

Feb 18, 2020

Within the European Commission’s INSC project TZ 3.01/14A “Support to the Regulatory Authority of Tanzania”, an “Education outreach” Course on Radio-analytical techniques is organised at the TAEC laboratories in Arusha, Tanzania. TAEC maintains a well-equipped and qualified radio-analytical laboratory, which has been additionally enhanced through an INSC project that provided some of the most modern equipment. The equipment is installed in TAEC’s newly commissioned laboratory and is used for various analytical tasks.

The Education outreach programme is meant to provide additional training and education opportunities to qualified applicants from the Region. The applicants are sought among the post graduate students or students in their final year of an undergraduate studies in closely related disciplines but also junior professionals, in particular those working in the national bodies being responsible for radiation monitoring or measurements. Through an intensive 12-weeks training, the participants will learn a variety of modern radio-analytical techniques and become qualified on the use of modern equipment. The training will be led by TAEC’s highly competent staff supported by lecturers from leading analytical organisations in the EU, as well as from the University of Dar es Salaam. The Course will cover a variety of topics in the area of calibration, personal dosimetry, sample preparation, detection techniques and measuring of samples. While participating in the Course, the attendees will not only learn how to respond to modern challenges by selecting the appropriate methods and tools for various applications, they will also become fully familiar with different analytical techniques.

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