Regional Africa Projects

SNo ProjectCode Project Title Objective(s)
1 RAF0031 Promoting Human Resources Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management (AFRA) To implement the AFRA strategy on HRD and NKM by establishing AFRA-NEST to facilitate operation and networking in higher education, training, and related research in nuclear science and technology in the African region
2 RAF1004 Supporting Radioisotope Technology as a Diagnostic Tool for Plant Process Performance, Optimization and Troubleshooting (AFRA) To enhance the regional capability in promoting radioisotope technology for optimization of industrial processes in AFRA Member States
3 RAF0042 Promoting the Sustainability and Networking of National Nuclear Institutions for Development To enhance the self-reliance and sustainability of national nuclear institutions and other end users of nuclear techniques in African Member States
4 RAF0043 Enhancing Human Resources Development and Nuclear Knowledge Management (AFRA) To implement AFRA strategy for human resources development (HRD) and nuclear knowledge management (NKM) by strengthening the AFRA-NEST to facilitate the operation and networking in education, training and related research in nuclear science and technology in the African region
5 RAF1005 Strengthening the Capacity for Research Reactor Safety and Applications in Africa (AFRA) To strengthen the safety culture at research reactor facilities for safe operation to enhance effective utilization.
6 RAF2009 Planning for Sustainable Energy Development To consolidate and further develop national and regional energy planning capabilities in AFRA Member States
7 RAF2010 Developing, Expanding and Reinforcing Energy Planning Capabilities including Nuclear Power (AFRA) To support the development of energy planning capabilities and to provide training where the necessary infrastructure is already in place and where there is visible support for the project from the Government
8 RAF3006 Improving Waste Management Infrastructure in Africa (AFRA) To continuously improve radioactive waste management infrastructure in African Member states
9 RAF6037 Sustaining Clinical Nuclear Medicine Techniques in the Management of Diseases, Including Coronary Artery Disease (AFRA) To contribute to the management of selected major diseases in Africa using appropriate clinical applications of nuclear medicine techniques.
10 RAF5066 Improving Crops Using Mutation Induction and Biotechnology through a Farmer Participation Approach (AFRA) To contribute to sustainable food production and improved livelihoods in AFRA Member States through development and dissemination of improved mutation-induced varieties
11 RAF5067 Establishing a Food Safety Network through the Application of Nuclear and Related Technologies To contribute to sustainable food safety and security in AFRA Member States through application of nuclear and related technologies
12 RAF5068 Improving Livestock Productivity through Strengthened Transboundary Animal Disease Control using Nuclear Technologies to Promote Food Security (AFRA) To integrate livestock disease control in support of increased livestock productivity to enhance food security.
13 RAF0041 Sharing Best Practices in Preventive Maintenance of Nuclear Equipment (AFRA) To ensure optimal operational time for all nuclear and related equipment used to support regional programmes.
14 RAF6044 Strengthening Medical Physics in Support of Cancer Management – Phase II (AFRA) To sustain and improve radiation oncology medical physics services by enhancing the quality and the quantity of medical physicists in Africa.
15 RAF6045 Strengthening Regional Human Resource Building and Treatment Capacity in Radiotherapy (AFRA) To ensure a human resource capacity that is adequate in skill and numbers for the safe application of quality radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients
16 RAF6047 Using Stable Isotope Techniques to Monitor and Assess the Vitamin A Status of Children Susceptible to Infection (AFRA) To monitor vitamin A status of children who may be susceptible to infections.
17 RAF6048 Strengthening Medical Physicists’ Capacities to Ensure Safety in Medical Imaging, with an Emphasis on Paediatric Imaging Safety (AFRA) To strengthen medical physics imaging in support of nuclear medicine and radiology.
18 RAF6049 Strengthening and Improving Radiopharmacy Services (AFRA) To continue establishing good operating standards and quality systems for hospital preparation of radiopharmaceuticals in order to improve patient safety in nuclear medicine practice.
19 RAF7013 Enhancing the Use of Isotope Hydrology in Planning, Management and Development of Water Resources (AFRA) To improve capacity and selfreliance to integrate isotope hydrology in water resources planning and management.
20 RAF9049 Enhancing and Sustaining the National Regulatory Bodies for Safety (AFRA) To enhance regulatory infrastructure, sustainability and cooperation among national regulatory bodies
21 RAF9054 Strengthening Radioactive Waste Management(AFRA) To strengthen radioactive waste management in Africa, with AFRA strengthening the current capabilities through technical assistance in some areas.